Festive Expectations from Social Media

The most wonderful time to trim a tree is around the corner! You highlight all shows you would like to watch during holidays; you google how to cook a turkey and you wear sparkling outfits once again. When I was a child, all my memories about the festive season are sitting around stove in pyjamas and eating all kinds of foods. However, the introduction and proliferation of social media bring us new expectation in life. It’s certainly that you will see many photos posted on social media platforms about perfectly decorated landmarks, smiling families picking out trees. Certainly, our focus also shift from enjoying pleasant festival time to documenting and sharing the daily arrangements that should have been secret.

Almost all of us live daily life online, and it usually feature snapping and sharing, accompanying with how, when and where to post on social media. In order to cater the trend, more and more instagramable coffee shops spring up and and they offer flower adorned lattes to customers. Of course, the Christmas is no exception. In this year, the Covent Garden have attach the festive look to present-adorned vehicle. That photo has been shared more times than a tweet from Chissy Teigen. Dalloway Terrace books some giant bauble displays in advance, and such photos have had more coverage in last few weeks than they’ve seen all year. It’s the power of social media sharing.

For the sake of such reasons, the rest of stores are forced to decorate their displays as much as possible. Some even intends to visit festive locations and post a dozens of seconds video rather than wrapping up warm drinking and fighting way down the street. It’s noteworthy that many avid shoppers usually arm more bags than they could carry, purchasing scarves, gloves, French hat, clothes, shoes and the like. Instead, others could feel like how terrible your holiday is if you didn’t share Instagram hotspots. And it’s also true to such a condition if you didn’t buy expensive gifts like Mulberry purse for your loved ones from luxurious stores. Is it a Christmas if you haven’t posted a scene of ice rink or photographed the star on the top of the tree.

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The festival is an opportunity to enjoy with your loved ones and having the opportunity to show how much you care; it’s about having a few days away from the daily grind and wrapping up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a cold turkey sandwich; it’s about putting on a rubbish Christmas jumper and enjoying every minute, and making sprouts out to be a delicacy rather than a vegetable that nobody gives the time of day any other month of the year. It’s about goodwill to all men, being thankful for what we have and taking some time out from the madness that precedes it.

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